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Terms & Conditions

  • (1) https://suvidha.wb.gov.in is the only single window portal which is directly linked with GRIPS system of Government of West Bengal for easy Registration and Facilitation of the Chassis vehicles at present. Registration for Facilitation can only be submitted through this portal. No other method/portal is available.
  • (2) The exporters shall have to book slots in-advance (At least 24 Hrs before the proposed exportation) through this portal.
  • (3) Once the slots are booked and pass generated, Registration Fee shall not be refundable. However the slot booking can be rescheduled incase of any contingency. All proceedings through this portal are subject to Govt Of West Bengal’s Notification in this regard.
  • (4) The Exporters/Transporters may reschedule the slots as per availabilities of the slots.
  • (5) The Exporters shall ensure that all provisions of Motor Vehicle Act 1989 (as amended up to date) are strictly followed as applicable.
  • (6) This portal shall not be liable for any illegal export/transport and the penalties resulting from any negligence/fault of the Exporter.
  • (7) Registration fee is subject to change as per the Govt of West Bengal’s circulars and Notification. The same shall be informed as and when applicable.
  • (8) The Exporter is liable to provide all mandatory details/ documents for registration and facilitations. This portal is not liable for the faults of Exporter causing delay. The exporter has to ensure that the complete lot/ consignment along with all mandatory papers required by all relevant agencies are made available before they reach CWC gate.
  • (9) The Exporter shall be liable and responsible for all the information and document provided. This portal shall not be liable for any false or misleading information given by Exporter.
  • (10) The exporter has to follow the No entry timing for Goods vehicles of Bongaon district for the movement of their Vehicles.
  • (11) This portal is not responsible for the delay caused by the respective Custom House Agents.
  • (12) Exporter shall be liable for their own goods & vehicle while moving towards Benapole port.
  • (13) GST is payable on reverse charge basis!!